Do you wish to be a teacher?

The new requirement for RCM exams is the 3 tiered level of pedagogy. I have been providing these classes from its conception with astounding results! Both the written and viva voce parts of the exam are included.

This is an exciting adventure preparing for a splendid profession!

Fostering Excellence in Teaching

The Piano Pedagogy Certificate Program is designed to strengthen the qualifications and teaching techniques of private studio teachers. Pedagogical ability and accomplishment are assessed through a three-level examination and certificate program.

  • Elementary Piano Pedagogy: Pedagogy for teaching beginners through to Level 4 piano students
  • Intermediate Piano Pedagogy: Pedagogy for teaching Levels 5 to 8 piano students
  • Advanced Piano Pedagogy: Pedagogy for teaching Levels 9 to 10 piano students

* Certificates will be awarded upon the successful completion of each of the Elementary and Intermediate Piano Pedagogy requirements.

Advantages of the Piano Pedagogy Certificate Program
  • Candidates can begin pedagogy training while completing requirements for the Level 9 Piano Comprehensive Certificate.
  • Candidates build knowledge and develop skills gradually over a period of several years.
  • Candidates receive an ARCT in Piano Pedagogy Diploma upon successful completion of the requirements of all three Piano Pedagogy levels.

Congratulations to Kathleen Feenstra

Recipient of the RCM Gold Medal, the highest mark in B.C.
2016 for the Elementary Pedagogy.


Congratulations to Francesca Tan

Recipient of the RCM Gold Medal, the highest mark in B.C.
2011 for the Elementary Pedagogy.


Congratulations to Rachel Janz

Recipient of the RCM Gold Medal, the highest mark in B.C.
2012 for Intermediate Pedagogy.

"Children learn to talk by experimenting and listening; they can learn to make music by experimenting and listening—unless we stop them!  Place children in surroundings that are full of “invitations to learn,” provide them with encouraging and sympathetic attitudes from adults, as well as knowledge, and amazing things can happen—especially to the sensory perceptions that are central to the arts…do we have the courage to embark with them on what are frequently unknown seas?" -Emma D. Sheehy