IMG_0006 (2)2My name is Jean Ritter and I am delighted to have just recently received the Royal Conservatory of Music Advanced Specialist – Piano and Advanced Specialist –Theory designations. It has been my pleasure to have been a music educator for 45 years! I am privileged to have the responsibility of working with peoples’ greatest treasure – their children!

Watching a student’s pleasure as they achieve the goals we set is extremely rewarding. Seeing things through children’s eyes is a great way of staying grounded. Children are very honest and genuine and extremely malleable. As teachers we have the power to make or break! This is very serious and I stress this to all the Pedagogy studentsfragile, handle with care!  

It is wonderful to be a positive role model for these young people that are willing to expose themselves because I really care about them and am interested in them as a person, not just a student. What a treat to have taught long enough to have piano grandchildren!! Over the years I have encountered many children with learning difficulties or disabilities. My greatest joy has been seeing these individuals grasp the concepts and succeed!

It is my opinion that learning through discipline can be fun and exciting. The study of music develops character and valuable life skills. The student learns to take responsibility and persevere even when there is hard work involved. Achieving the goal is exciting and rewarding and helps build self esteem. The study of music is one of the best gifts anyone could ever hope to receive! When people come in to buy gift certificates for lessons, I am excited for the individual that is being blessed with the opportunity to learn music.

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.  - Aristotle